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Languages A-Z Challenge

November 12, 2013

I was futzing around with my CV today, and this question suddenly occurred to me:

Do I know a language for each letter of the alphabet?

And it turns out, no I don’t. here’s my best shot of an alphabetic  list of languages I do know reasonably well, and have been paid for writing programs in:

  • Awk
  • dBase II
  • E??????
  • Gupta SQLWindows
  • H??????
  • Java
  • K??????
  • Lahey FORTRAN
  • MASM
  • Nomad/2
  • Object Pascal
  • PHP
  • Quick C
  • Rexx
  • SeaChange
  • Transact SQL
  • U??????
  • Visual C++
  • W??????
  • X??????
  • Yacc
  • Z80 Assembler

The ?????? entries are ones I can’t provide.

Obviously, I know more languages than are listed here (many beginning with the letter C). The challenge I lay down is to produce a 26-element list of languages  given these rules:

  • You must have been paid for writing code in the language. For example, I have programmed in Haskell (which would give me the H entry), but nobody has ever paid me to do so.
  • You can use specific implementation names (like Visual C++), but a language (C++)  must be appear  only once in the list.

A small no-prize of  golden NULL pointer will be awarded for anyone that convincingly comes up with a 26 element list!


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