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CSVfix 1.5 Released

November 8, 2012

I’ve just released version 1.5 of my FOSS CSV munging tool, CSVfix. Windows users can get an executable from Google Code, and Linux/BSD/Mac users can conveniently download the source from Bitbucket.  The project FAQ is here.

New features in this release are:

  • Added -skip and -pass options to filter command input and output.
  • Added ability to specify default options and aliases via configuration files.
  • Actual config file in use is displayed if CSVfix is run with no command line parameters.
  • Added head and tail commands to display first/last CSV records in file.
  • Added -ic option to join command to ignore case of joined fields.
  • Added -f option to printf command to specify order.
  • Added -s option to asci_table command to add separator after each record.
  • The template command now allows expressions in templates.
  • Added -fn option to template command to allow for templated output file names.
  • Added -f option to shuffle command to allow shuffling of fields.
  • Added several new functions for use by expression language.
  • The random number generator used by the expression language can be seeded with the -seed option.
  • Can now use != as well as <> for not-equal operator in expression language.
  • Output of help now goes to standard output, not standard error.
  • Removed the -rin option as the idea behind it was basically wrong.
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