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Which technical books wear out?

June 27, 2011

Today, my copy of The C++ Standard Library, by Nicolai Josuttis finally bit the dust. I knocked it off the table I was working on, and half the pages came detached from the spine. This is a well-bound, hardback book, and with some superglue and stickytape I managed to get it back into a semi-workable conformation. But I think I will have to buy a new copy. This one has been used, dropped, folded open and scribbled in so many times that it is a wreck – and it’s a book I use literally every day. It has a great index, which is actually easier to use than searching the web.

And this prompted me to thinking – which technical books have you owned that were so good that you physically wore them out, and that were so worthwhile that you went and got another copy? In my experience there have only been two – K&R and now Josuttis.


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