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Top 10 Free Games

June 22, 2011

It seems to be required that every blog should have a list of the blogger’s favourite games. Here are mine, all freeware of one sort or another, all for Windows, in alphabetical order:

  • Arena Chess

    Originally designed as a tool to let chess engines duel it out between themselves, it has evolved into a reasonable tool for humans to play against the engines. Comes with several engines, and lots more can be freely downloaded. Chess enthusiasts seem to have somewhat limited aesthetic senses when it comes to user interfaces, and perhaps err on the side of too much configurability. But still, a good way to play chess.

  • Battle For Wesnoth

    Everybody’s favourite FOSS strategy game, and rightly so. Once you get into the campaigns they are addictive and bloody hard. I’ve been playing it off-and-on for a couple of years and can strongly recommend it.

  • Echoes

    A brilliant take on Asteroids with neon-bright rocks and an electro-pop soundtrack. Its most original innovation is that you don’t need to press any fire button – your ship fires continuously. One for when you need to de-stress by destroying things noisily.

  • flOw

    At the other end of the indie games spectrum from Echoes. Be a protozoan in a pond. Eat things, or maybe mate with them. Chill out to ambient sounds. One to worry your parents with.

  • Frogatto

    Surprisingly difficult platformer where you play a small green frog, beset by enemies. Starts off a bit dull but soon hots up.

  • Minecraft

    Say no more, squire. Dig things, make things, go slightly loopy like this guy.

  • Neverputt

    Crazy Golf game that comes with Neverball. The Neverball game I find gives me motion sickness but Nerverputt is strangely addictive – try for a round at par; it’s pretty damn hard.

  • Oolite

    Remake of the classic 1980s space-trading gem Elite, with much better graphics. There are quite a few Elite remake projects around, but I think this one is the best.

  • Scrabble3D

    There are a few free Scrabble games around, all of which have problems, and this is no exception. But if you can overlook the crashes when closing the game window, it plays a very solid game, and doesn’t crash in the game itself. Despite its name, it plays ordinary, 2D Scrabble – the 3D stuff seems to be “experimental”. Probably my favourite game, currently.

  • Sentry

    Another remake of a 1980s classic – this time of The Sentinel. Does everything it should and has a sexy French girl’s voice inviting you to “enter zee arena”.

And that is it. I would think it suspect for a man my age to be playing too many games, so I will keep quiet about my long-running addiction to Morrowind and Heroes of Might and Magic III.


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